Okwonko rescue team please save our lives
The terrorists are killing us
And our leaders are acting like everything is okay
Over and over again,
We lose lives of our loved ones and no one does anything to improve the situation.
Okwonko rescue team please save my voice
I have been singing and escorting waheshimiwas to the Integrity Centre for probing
I don't know if they are innocent
I don't know how their alleged corrupt actions affect me
I don't even know their name
But I know I need my voice to sing for a suspect tomorrow and get something for my hungry kids.
Okwonko rescue team please save our government
Instead of serving and developing the nation wanatafuta kura
Because finders keepers and losers weepers
But not for long, losers will get nominated to the private sectors and help steal money there.
Okwonko rescue team please take me to Kempinski
So that once Evans is done gaining e-fans
We could talk about real issues affecting the city
Okwonko rescue team please save our church
Impostors are taking advantage of the brethen
Jesus loves them Kanyari says, "So?
Only a fee and my bended knee
Will bring you victory."
Okwonko rescue team please save us from the media
Minor Kunguni is on radio each morning telling Classic tales which don't help us us
One of them has been sacked for being corrupt
All he has left is grandpa tales and the one English word he knows, "chronometer."
Okwonko rescue team please okoa my jahazi
So I can hashtag our problems away
If I protest on the streets they'll ask "who gave these children placards?"
I want to troll other people on the internet
Hoping that will make me forget my insecurities

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