Often I get amazed at how different this world is. My current major problem is learning how to talk to people I have never met before on a bid to break the awkward silence and make new friends. For an introvert this is really hard and at times I start fidgeting. If I can't come up with anything I'll unleash my secret weapon; accents which at times increase the awkwardness. It's really hard to talk to some people. I look at them and wonder on a scale of one to Uhuru Kenyatta having white eyes, what are the chances that they will actually converse with me?

For someone like Vera Sidika I bet her biggest challenge is trying really hard to not use her brain.Don't get me wrong I am a very huge fan of Aloe Vera Sidika. Using her body to make money is a clever enterpreneurial skill especially for a country where finding a job is as hard as finding an ugly picture of Kagwe Mungai.
It's thrilling to see how varied people's thoughts are. A man in Nyeri is pissing his pants trying to convince his wife that he had not been from drinking to avoid being beaten. An adorable little girl somewhere is trying to think what exactly "Chemical X" is so she could add it to sugar, spice and everything nice to get dolls like the PowerPuff Girls.

A mother has been restricted from seeing her two children because they have ebola. A surgeon has just saved the life of a small baby and after meeting the girl of his dreams he feels like he has everything he could ever wish for.

According to a song by Justin Beiber (for lack of a better reference), there are about seven billion people in the world. That's about seven billion minds and I am just one. Makes you feel small doesn't it. There's a boy who worships Michael Jackson and has a mirror where he "talks" to Mike every now and then. An artist has just sold a painting he greatly despised for $1000. Some orator has written a speech for a president but on the day it is to be read, the head of state decides to use his own words.

Some part of the world is experiencing extremely cold temperatures making everyone who belongs to #teamSingle or #teamBonesForDays want to run away. Other regions are too hot and Nelly's "It's gettin hot in herre" is the anthem.

Kanye West is so rich he bought his kid a doppleganger for a lot of money, no need to google figures. Yet someone is so poor that they decided to sell one of their kids in order to get money to feed and educate the rest. It is mindblowing how our weakness is someone else's strength and our strength is someone else's weakness.

It's not just with us humans. Sometimes I look at our cat playing on a rag and after I fervently pray that I won't get seventeen more pets a few years and no life partner later, I wonder how it is naturally potty trained while dogs poop everywhere. Or how the gold fish has the worst memory but if you eat the brains of a tilapia you'll have a sharper mind.

Variety is an awesome thing. I may not have enough girl in me to know all the 3000 (or more) shades of pink that exists but acknowledging that fact is enough. You remember Goldilocks? She sampled everything in the Bears' home until she found what was just right for her: not too hot, not too cold, not too soft, not too hard. Sampling stuff is for the experience so that you know how to treat a ratchet and how to treat a lass with class (pazzazz!). Don't worry just vary.

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