Doesn't that title sound cool. I feel like I've invented my own phrases. Ladies and gentlemen, you have just witnessed the making of history.

Campus. Not bad, not bad at all. I like how things have turned out here. Let me give you a few highlights.

1.Shamba shape-up
In my previous life, I used to fear flyovers (footbridges).
First day I used these footbridges I was petrified. (At first I was afraid. I was no I, I will survive. for as long as I know how to *stops singing*). Everytime a car from beneath would hoot I would rush to the other side of the footbridge thinking that it would hit me. I used to take forever crossing that thing but atleast now I'm getting used to it since I use it everyday.

2.The advice
When everyone joins campus we get advice from the whole village and suddenly everyone is wise.I'm not complaining though. However I realised that some of it may be too much. Like there's this guy who came over to talk to me and ask for my number. Offcourse I get a lot of this. So this guy appproaches me and there was just some vibe he gave off that made me skeptical. Immmediately I saw myself talking to him at the same spot. I was much bigger in size and I was crying to him how I pregnant I was and he was just there insulting me and telling me that he doesn't even know me. It was quite funny and unfair to the guy. In my head I was like "My mama said you'd come." They should advise us on how to turn down a guy politely coz you'll be with them for the next five years and you'll probably need them to do your assignment somewhere down the line.

3.The lecturers
I always thought lecturers would be cool people. The first professor I heard of was Professor Utonium of Powerpuff Girls. So I thought lecturers, who are mostly professors, would be fun and we'd experiment with sugar, spice and everything nice.
Also, in the series "The Following" a lecturer is so influential that he starts a cult and recruits some of his students as his followers. The cult involved serial killing. When I joined campus I was ready to swim in the wisdom of these educators. You can imagine how disappointed I was. Some of them actually try.

Yea, I'm not going to overlook the fact that I'm a fresher. During the first week, my friends and I would get lost like all the time. I couldn't even get to the gate on my own. We'd fold the school map into the size of a phone to avoid the embarassment.
My classmates have too much psyk though. We are quite a huge number so it's easy to lose a seat if you come late. I'd walk into class fifteen minutes into class thinking how clever I am only to find the class filled to capacity.

I'm having a blast though. Learning what I love. Remember how I was excited about free wi-fi in school. The signal is so poor and it only works in the library.

See y'all later

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  1. Can't stop reading your articles,very nice,love them all!

  2. Hi Faith,
    Thanks for registering at Teenage Blogger Central :) Hilarious article by the way, I love your take on life, particularly regarding lecturers :)

  3. thanks for reading and commenting :) It means alot