I have a crush on Blinky Bill of Just a Band. He has this really creative mind which I love and even though I don't think he has a lovely voice I most definitely love his music. Last year after one of his shows I walked up to him, hugged him and told him that I loved him. He was talking to a white woman so he wasn't really interested in what a girl half his height who looked a bit under the influence had to say. He responded with the proverbial "I appreciate my fans," which was not what I wanted to hear. Whether the mzungu was offering him a gig in Paris or it was just a casual chat there was no way I was going to compete with that. Besides, I bet he sees girls like me all the time.

I went home and played 'Probably for Lovers' a million times that night emphasizing on the "we could be good but you're probably okay" line. How could they write such a song then do the exact same thing to me? If I were crazier I would have found out where he lives and spray painted the lyrics all around his house. But come to think of it, was I expecting him to run into my arms and say "Oh Nyonde, I have been waiting for you and that love you have for me. Here is my heart," and then we ride off into the sunset? Yenyewe, makes sense now.

During that time when I was excessively infatuated with him I realised that he was in KU and I thought to myself, "OMG we have so much in common. Surely this is fate." It was that time when guys were dropping out or changing courses and my mind was in the same place so when I heard Blinky Bill dropped out of school, I was pretty convinced that I should do the same because he's a major inspiration when it comes to doing what you love and making money off it.

My sister is about to join campus. I want her to be a rapper so I can give her some of the lyrics I've been working on, "Wanabonga sana I guess mi ni murmur yao," or "nimeenda kukula-nimeenda kudishi-I've gone to do the dishes." She'll probably do a degree in something different so I'll just have to have kids of my own then pressure them to be rappers. Her situation reminds me of that time when I was joining university.

I had no idea what I wanted to do but Economics and Statistics sounded like a course that would make everyone think that I'm smart. My dad wanted me to do law. He used to sit in his hospital bed and watch Kethi Kilonzo and wished that that could be me someday. I knew I was too lazy to read torts so I dodged that bullet. I know for a fact that whatever I had chosen I'd still be in the same rut I was a few months ago.

After the excitement of having all the freedom in the world dies out you open your eyes and realise Weirraminett! All these people will be competing for the same job. How about the ones who are already unemployed and underemployed? How about the ones who are still in high school and primary school? Then the frustration kicks in. Going to class becomes a struggle not because you know you can skive but because school is not as exciting anymore. It all becomes pointless.

You think everyone is as undermotivated as you until you go to class and see people who have been enthusiastic since the day they stepped into KU. Right now I'm at a better place because I enjoy studying Economics. I am also pursuing other passions because I am Kenyan and 'side hustle' is my middle name.

To my sister joining campus I'd like to tell you that:

1. School is hard
No matter what course you take you will have to struggle to get good grades, attend classes and do assignments.

2. School is important
The education we get and most importantly the exposure in campus is to die for. If you get the chance to study, take it because dropping out is not the best option. Unless you have other options and honestly majority of Kenyans don't so go to school.

3. School is not everything
The little economics I've learnt shows that unemployment is a necessary evil. That means that even though I'll use my knowledge to ensure full employment in Kenya, I'll keep some people out of jobs to keep my job atleast. It's unfortunate that we base our life stages according to school levels; primary, high school etc but we all know we learn most outside the classroom.

Lastly, school is fun. Too much fun.

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  1. Hillarious piece.I could not stop laughing all the way down.Plus,wise words for your sister and it is a good thing to decide to stick in school.

  2. You're a literary genius
    weirraminit did it for me
    youre taste in men though see me for therapy sessions

    1. While the weirraminet is not mine originally no one has ever called me a literary genius. I am humbled. I think I'm going to cry

  3. Murmur yao!!!! Dead and buried :'D