Bridget did a post last week on how blogging is about sharing a part of your soul. Well, this post is about something that I think about all the time, not to these extremes however. I decided to try a fictional style. Enjoy.

Sunny days,
Beautiful people pass my way,
Butterflies and bumble bees,
Smile for me baby,
Pam param pa ra pam-
This is Kagwe's alarm. It reminds him of the beautiful day he is going to have in Nairobi. They always were incredibly beautiful. Of teenagers so desperate to earn the title "cool kids" that they spent the night in the fridge. Of ladies with huge behinds finally embracing their African features, enhancing them with styles from the west. There is no fusion more perfect.
They are all models and anyone who can press the shutter button while standing infront of a stunning building is a photographer.

He loved it all. Offcourse he had been to more advanced cities with better roads and better security but this was where his heart was.

He is late for church, fashionably, we might add so that everyone sees his outfit. It's the vintage season and everyone is rocking the retro, old school look. He had his custom made by a top designer who found it an honour to dress him. Most of the youngsters have worn their parents' clothes from them days. There is a strong stench emanating from their garments. A trophy of their originality and inability to buy new clothes.

Chep walks in. So much for Kagwe being the king of tardiness. She hesitates at the door for everyone to see the unflawed goddess she is. One can think many come to church to worship her. Let's not waste time on what she's wearing. All her outfits are amazing though they all wish to see her in her birthday suit. Following closely behind is his boyfriend. His name is also a waste of our time. He looks good, good enough for a lady of such brilliance. Kagwe actually likes his outfit but he isn't paying much attention to him.

Chep's boyfriend kisses her briefly on her cheek before joining his other gorgeous friends. Kagwe could tell that their love-making is shorter than that peck. He turns his attention back to the altar. They are singing his favourite chorus.

It's angelic.

He believes it all. He loves God and knows He loves him more. From a young age he was superstoked by stories in the Bible about the Lord's faithfulness and sovereignty. He awaits the rupture when he shall meet his Creator. That's why he tries to participate in church things though the people were all gossips and under achievers.

He sees his mother at the end of the service. He has missed her and she him. "Are you okay?"
               "Yes, mum. I'll come visit."
               "You should"
They smile feebly at each other not knowing what to say. They always have something to talk about. Mumbi knows she should say something about how she bumped into her son with a box of condoms at the supermarket. She has brought him up in the ways of the Lord but it's too late to talk about how the 'pencil' enters the 'sharpener'. So she trusts that his favourite son will be fine and wise.

Kagwe knows all his mother wants to say but cannot. He knows he has to be careful. That's why he chooses the intelligent ones. That's why he makes sure he's taken Chep back to his place.

She doses off and he sits looking at her, thinking. Thinking of his life. His life that is envied by many. He has a faithful girlfriend, a virgin who allows him to sleep with other girls. His girlfriend wears no weaves, knows how to walk in stilettos and wears red lipstick because the guys have not started complaining about it. He thinks about his friends who won't hesitate to warn him when he gets too full of himself. Smart bunch they are, all graduates with outstanding accomplishments.

His life is comfortable. He has everything they are all working for. He thinks about his faith that tells him of his purpose. However convincing, he can't just up and leave to preach the gospel in some remote village in Africa, that's for non-Africans.

His thoughts lead him to pour a glass of whiskey then to the balcony. His movements wake Chep. He looks up at her and before he jumps off the building he says "I don't see the point."

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  1. Bridget Andere likes this post very much
    It's very vivid
    Especially towards the end

    1. Thanks Bridget. I always love hearing from you