I wrote a bit of poetry back in high school. I had a book with poems and other creative pieces. I remember a certain piece called "POCKET CHANGE." It was those descriptive declarative stuff that tells the world about you and how epic you are. The problem was that I forgot to include the word not in the last sentence so it read I AM POCKET CHANGE. Yes, it was in full caps haha. No one noticed till like the tenth person who asked "But how come the last line says you're cheap?"

There's this thing about certain events in life bring out the poet in you. It's mostly because poetry is a form of expressing yourself. I'm not a fan of performed poetry
                Especially since
                Most poems
                  When it's read out loud
           It just sounds like a weird.................................................................


No hating though. Do what thou whilst. I prefer spoken word because it's like rap without the beat with all the metaphors, punchlines and sick rhymes. Anyhu so my love for pizza has me crawling back to that abandoned poetry shelf. Nothing much just a few lines wierldy placed to express my weakness for pizza. This is a freestyle btw nothing's pre-written. 

I look into your bacon eyes
All I see is paradise
*Sick rhyme! ;D*
Why pay a shrink
When you make my problems smaller?
Damn, this is harder than I thought
Expressing my affection for you
But in the past I've fought
For the last slice of you
If that ain't love...forget it
Coz if all I had was a kidney
I'd be OLX just for you. Sell it!
Hey pizza's siz (coz pizza's a dude)
Could I send you to your bro
Tell him
            I'm in love
            It's hit me hard
I hope he replies
         .              Goodluck
But even if you don't
It's still written in my heart in giant font
I love pizza!

I did it! Record time sixteen minutes. Now calm down family, friends, music and everything else I'm mad about. I still love you. Let's talk about it over pizza. Your treat.

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  1. I love your blog. Always has something fresh and funny!! Makes me want to read more and more.