One of the lowest moments I've had this year was when Brazil lost to Germany. 7-1! I swear I have never watched such a mortifying match in the history of me sitting in front of a screen to watch a game. I only began watching football last month but still. I went to bed after the first half because I  could not sit there with all the humiliation. I was just begging for it to stop.

 Goal after goal!
 Why! Tell them those are enough! Tell them to stop!
 I wondered why I was supporting such a team. It's not like I had the hots for Neymar like everyone else. He looks nice, yes, but I like my men black, with British accents and can bust a few moves like Sturridge. Not these people who cry all the time instead of scoring goals.

Then to make it worse, on the eve of my birthday, we lost 3-0 to Netherlands. Have you ever felt like you cannot take it anymore? My phone's wallpaper is still the Brazilian flag. I am in denial haha. I cannot believe we were that crappy.

Again I ask, have you ever felt like you cannot take it anymore? I watched the first half of that game and it tortured me emotionally. I did not deserve such loss. Such embarrassment. Thank God there was no wager involved. So (as I start making my point) what is the worst thing you have ever experienced in that your life? Losing someone you love? Bankruptcy? Losing a lot of people you love? Going  to jail and finding out that Orange is the new black just shows a tip of the iceberg? AIDS? cancer?  Breaking a nail?

What is your best life experience? Traveling to Africa? Losing your virginity to David Beckham? Eating cake?

How much potential do you think you have of being successful? I want you to think about those girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria. Half of them would probably grow up to become Afrosinema actors and distract our future house helps from cleaning our houses.Some of them would become singers and flood our radios with missing persons reports. Looking for Johnny and the rest. Others would become remarkable contributors to global development.

How about the missing Malaysian plane? Maybe there was someone there with a mutant gene, a Tomorrow person. A loving parent is more likely. Someone who was about to propose to their girlfriend. Or here at home, all those lives we have lost due to terrorism and insecurity. All those minds. All those beating hearts. All those futures.

I'm trying to show  that we are have different fates and we go through different stuff. No one is safe. Technology and human innovation will not save us. Statistics show that ten out of ten people die. Habari ndio hiyo buda!

You might be going through the worst time of your life and I'm here to tell you that it could get worse. Can I get an Amen! Worse than you can ever imagine. Or it could get better. No one knows.  All I know is that you're reading this.( Shout out to all of you. You mean a lot to me.) All you have is the present. My friend once said that we have invented smaller smarter computers, we are really advanced but we still use the same simple umbrellas when it rains. Ha!

NOTHING IS GUARANTEED. Be positive because all you have is now. I don't like this motivation stuff and I'm not a fan of self help and inspiration books. However, it is true that we are only sure of the present. That is the only thing that makes sense.The only thing that all religious groups agree with. No sugarcoating. No filter.  

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