Hi, I‘m Faith and I‘m back. yaay! My writing mojo is back. Long time coming, right? My readers and followers (all one of them) have been begging for a new blogpost and here it is! I guess my problem is I never have anything to write about. You can send me ideas.
Have you watched those Road Hog videos? Don‘t they just freak you out? It‘s a campaign by a local tv station that receives videos of drivers breaking traffic rules in order to curb road accidents. When I get really broke I‘ll take a bus and sit next to a road which rich prominent people like politicians use frequently with a camera. Then I‘ll wait patiently for one of their drivers to make a traffic mistake and kaboom! I‘d blackmail them using the video. That‘s it. That‘s my master plan. Ok. let‘s not do that. Let‘s just stay in school and eat our vegetables :)
In other news, I‘m about to join campus. I‘m so excited. Going to school means new friends and more excitingly, a phone, a laptop and...drumrolls...another cute duvet \o/ Y‘all know pretty duvets make you think about going to bed all day. Plus, a phone and laptop in a campus mean free internet which means more blogging woot woot.
So do you sometimes feel like getting a degree is sometimes overrated? I mean think about it. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bob Collymore, Michael Joseph. All these guys never got degrees and look where they are now. I‘m not saying education is bad but look at these people they‘re rich even without education. Plus we‘re all in this to get rich so theres was a shortcut though they had to work...maybe I‘ll be one of them. But then again I‘ll just stay in school and eat my vegetables.
Another shortcut in life is someone thinking that Nicki Minaj is wife material. In African culture wife material are those chics who are naturally beautiful, responsible and child bearing. To think that Nicki was proposed to was just encouraging. I don‘t need to clean and cook in the hope that someone will love my silicon body and propose. Bummer, I still live in Africa, a developping part of it actually so that‘s not going to happen. That‘s my cue for washing dishes so see you later alligators.
Please send me your blog post ideas. I hope I blog again really soon...boobies crossed ;)

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