Recently, someone stole my phone. I wasn't even mad because it was stolen at the beach of Lake Kivu. That's a prestigious place for a phone to get stolen considering most phones are stolen in matatus or on the street. However, what made me mad was that the thief in question removed my WhatsApp profile picture and I thought "Could this guy be any more inconsiderate?" He /she could have thought about the numerous minutes I spent on my laptop posing, taking a pic, deleting it and doing that all over again until I got tired. Does he even know that this webcam takes three seconds between the time you press the shutter button and the time it actually takes the picture? The pose should have been taken into consideration. I'm looking into the horizon holding up my hair. That took a lot of energy. Another thing is that there was a potential someone who had promised to whatsapp me so what if they did and found that gingerbread image? Tsk.

Anyhuu, I was in Rwanda last week and boy did I have fun! So when we reached the border and got our passports stamped they had to check our bags. Not for bombs or explosives but for...wait for it...PLASTIC BAGS! How cool is that! They have a no-plastic-policy. They use dogie bags instead. I always felt so cool coming from the grocery store (yes, the grocery store) with a brown paper bag ^^,,

The technology level in Rwanda is insane! First of all, Kigali is a hot spot free wi-fi everywhere. The promise I have been waiting for Uhuru to fulfill in his first 100 day. Just so you know Mr. President, I'm counting. Think about it, you don't have to spend money buying a drink at The Junction or Prestige just to use their wi-fi. Or writing down all the names of your neighbour's kids and wife trying to find out his wi-fi password. Every kid in high school has an e-mail address and is on facebook. Most of the boys do computer science, software engineering or something like that so if you're into whizkids Rwanda is just the place for you.

Another thing is beauty. The chics in Rwanda are so beautiful with their natural afros though the weave disease is slowly catching up with them. Most of the dudes we went with were amazed at how all those pretty ladies can be at the same place at the same time. Besides the girls, the scenery was also very beautiful. For example, were staying at a guesthouse where we could see Lake Kivu and Mt. Nyiragongo while standing at the balcony. We could also see the Rwanda-Congo border. That place was just beautiful especially at sunrise and sunset as the mountain looked liked it was about to erupt when illuminated by the sun rays.

They call Rwanda the "LAND OF A THOUSAND HILLS AND A MILLION SMILES". True the Rwandese are very friendly, always wanting to help out. Apart from the irritating ones who brush your hair saying "mimi nataka ubaki Rwanda na mimi ama nikufuate huko Kenya" meaning "I want you to stay in Rwanda with me or I go back to Kenya with you."The people there are loving and ready to make new friends.

My best part about the tip is when we went to the lake, Lake Kivu. The waters are so beautiful and once you get in to swim you feel really nice. Although we were told later on that the waters contain ethanol or was it methanol...I'm yet to confirm. That does however confirm why people started acting a bit funny. The place has no changing rooms so Thank God for the big trees which served us well. I was buried in the sand! It felt so great. Only my head was visible until someone decided to tickle me and the sand came tumbling down.

I had so much fun but now I'm back to Kenya though some people like to argue that Ngong' is not in Kenya but that's for another day. I realised that I still missed my home country and I'm glad to be back

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  1. hey, I like the post but it was such a struggle to read. the background makes it a little bit to illuminated....could you please change it? thank you Faithrox :), you rock

  2. ok I'm changing it asap. Thanks :)

  3. tihihi...glad you had fun...sorry about your phone though lumia here we come!

  4. Don't be sorry.When I get that lumia I won't even remember I had a phone before that.