I'm cool. If you're reading this you're cool too because coolness attracts coolness. This blogpost is about celebrating our cool minds. Let's take some time to thank God for giving us reason and brains. Appreciate all the wise decisions we've made and the crazy ones that add some fun to our lives.Do you mind? Let's celebrate our minds.
As we do so, it's important to remember those of us who go through mental health challenges. Unlike people who suffer from other illnesses like cancer or malaria, these people do not receive the type of support that they need. How does this happen when our minds are the ones that make us cool?
Growing up around people living with mental health challenges made me realise that they are just like us. Offcourse, like all other health problems, one needs a lot of emotional and financial support from those around. Soon you'll realise that it is actually a blessing in disguise. Why then should people who have mental health challenges not achieve their dreams?
Their minds are just as cool so they should be able to accomplish the same stuff that we do. All I'm trying to say is that we should stop the stigma that surrounds mental health.
This is where the #hugSitawa campaign comes along. Sitawa Wafula is trying to raise mental health awareness and you can help out. Just visit this link and see the various ways in which you can contribute.
Let's celebrate our minds because our minds are cool. It's time we did something about mental health. Mental health problems should not hinder anyone to achieve what they want. Cheers!

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