"No such thing as a life that's better than yours" -Jermaine Cole

There was no place he would rather be. Showing up at her house gave him so much joy even though she never invited him in. Tall dark and slim like those straws they give you at Java, he would be there every morning with a bouquet of flowers hopeful that she would accept his offer. He had fallen in love with this girl and would do anything to get her. It was her he wanted rolling up his chest hair into ndengus during pillow talk.

One day she showed up in his living room claiming to have had enough of his gesture but the son of Mosongi smiled because he knew the love of his life had just walked in and was in no hurry to leave. Thus began their relationship. She complained about everything but he was too stoked to let her noise bother him.

He was never enough for her. A girl like her deserved someone like the president, a man whose dad was C-in-C and he followed suit. A man who found time in his busy schedule to be a South African kwaito musician. No kids were born yet just incase a better offer came her way. Why didn't Mosongi pay someone and get these contracts and tenders everyone is getting? Does it make him less of a man to steal for the sake of his family?

There was a semblance of peace in the evenings when the crazies of parliament overpowered theirs. Laughter made them forget their troubles making them friends, lovers even. He wondered why it wasn't always like this. As if reading his thoughts she would mock a local MP and say, "The passion of a woman, Mr. Speaker, can only be seen at night." Boy did he take advantage of this mood. However, when morning came the situation changed.

She said one day she would get tired of this love and walk away. He got tired first and walked away into the sunset with a damsel who spoke less, smiled more and made him feel like the only man in the world. He soon realised that the walk was too silent and only one smile made him weak.

He ran home to his wife who had run out of things to complain about and they lived happily ever after (LOL).


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