In the late 20th Century a boy met a girl. This is not your ordinary girl-sits-on-bundle-juggling-boy's-chapati story. Reasons why it is not:
1. The boy had no idea what bundles were at that time.
2.Sauti Sol did not exist and so no one had the torture of figuring out what 'umenikalia chapati' meant.
3. The couple had a baby who is of great significance to this blog.

The baby in question is me! I feel like writing in third person so let's pretend it's not me.

Like most girls her age, she takes at least two thousand selfies a month but unlike them, she does not like oreos. They're too hard. Her eyebrows are not fleek. Infact, they are on bushy. Dorobushy!

When she's not perfecting her plan to kidnap Usher Raymond, she studies at Kenyatta University. According to a recent article which she does not believe, she is taking one of the five hardest courses in Kenya; Economics and Statistics. She has just finished her exams and it feels good to be on the other side of the semester. Sometimes when you're in an exam room all you see is stars and they make you cry more than when you watched "The Fault in our Stars".

She wants to share about four books she has read in the recent past. Because she's the most awesome person she knows she is not going to give any spoilers. First off is "The Book Thief". The narrator is death or to put it in a better way, the grim reaper. She wishes she had read this book earlier. She can't remember the last time she read such an interesting book that did not touch on matters consummating. It was about a girl who's life can be summarised according to books; those she stole, those she read and those she wrote. The setting was Germany during the world wars. Our reader even learnt some German words. "Mein kampf" means my struggle.

She has read "Americanah". You know how you finish a book and think you've been dumped because you didn't want it to end? Well this book has a blog to pick up from where the book left. After a few blogposts she got tired and was ready to see other books. She would recommend this book to anyone who hasn't read it especially those who want to try African literature. She wants people to understand what ceiling means.

She has also read "Half of a yellow Sun". It was pure torture and she does not want to recall how she struggled to read about political unrest. That theme makes her psych go too low; like two lawyers.

"Adultery" was her last book. When she starts reading a Paulo Coelho book she imagines she is about to see her old Japanese therapists who walks very slowly but can still beat up five men in three seconds. This particular book did not do much for her. She knows Paulo fans will still go ahead and buy it so she won't waste her time.

All this reading is making her feel like the girl from that movie, Lucy. However, she doesn't want to unlock 100% of her brain because she doesn't want to turn into a flashdisk. Flashdisks can't eat hotdogs. If the average man uses 10% of their brain, let's assume she uses 5%. After all, she's an economist. This means she has a long way to go.

She is currently reading "The Kite Runner". Another book she wished she had read earlier. She wishes people could recommend more books for her to read.

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  1. Hahaha dein Kampf für Bücher
    Since you're reading Khaled Hosseini anyway, read A Thousand Splendid Suns. To this date it is the only book that has ever made me cry, okay it was those tears that don't quite make it past right under your eyes but you get what I'm aiming for here right? And I agree with you on that Adultery book, wasn't as literal world changing as the very well known Alchemist or Aleph or even Veronika decides to die... Love the post

  2. The Kite runner is fucking beautiful!!!